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Tire replacement service

Tyre Fitting Services at Manselton MOT & Service Centre

When you need to replace your tyres come down to our garage for a new set and fitting. Our experts can provide you with the best tyres for your vehicle and fit them right away. While you're here ask about our other garage services.


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Manselton MOT & Service Centre is a family run vehicle service and testing station, focused on providing you with truly outstanding garage services at the right price.

When is a Tyre Fitting Necessary

If you don't know much about vehicle maintenance, you may not know when to change your tyres. You may need to change your tyres if any of the below are true.

  • nail in tread


  • blown out tire

    Full Blow Outs

  • used car tire with worn-out depth of thread

    Worn down tread

  • Worn Out and Damaged Car Tire

    Abnormal wear not related to normal usage

  • Damaged and worn black tire tread

    Aging (tyres over 10-years-old need to be changed)

While you get your new tyres fitted ask about our general garage services and MOT testing. You can also schedule a diagnostic test to check for other issues.

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