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Diagnostic Testing at Manselton MOT & Service Centre

If you are unsure what is wrong with your car or van, bring it in for a diagnostic test. We have up-to-date diagnostic testing equipment for most makes of cars and can pinpoint the problem for you while you wait. Once the problem is diagnosed we will fix it for you right in our shop.

Diagnostic Test Findings

Diagnostic testing can identify a number of problems including, but not limited to:


• Transmission issues

• Oil tank problems

• Petrol tank malfunctions

• Exhaust system damage

• Engine malfunctions

• Electrical system failings

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At Manselton MOT & Service Centre we guarantee all work done through our general garage services. You can trust our experienced staff with your car or van.

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If you already know the problem with your vehicle, talk to our experts and ask about our other available garage services. We can work on most makes and models of cars and vans.